Saturday, November 25, 2006

Round Robin sandwich

Last year my quilting group decided to do a round robin project. Everyone of our group of 10 decided to take part. So we had to split the group into two groups. To find out who belongs to which group we raffled the names.

Then we read a lot about RR projects and after that we set the rules.

Everyone was making the centerpiece for her own quilt
followed by a round of triangles
followed by log cabins
followed by paper piecing
followed by a free style round.

For each round we had six weeks time. We planned to 'disclose' our quilts on the last Saturday end of April and open one box after another. The whole timeframe was set regarding the calculated date of birth of my baby in mid-May. But Amelie was a bit in a hurry and she was born on the Friday before the 'disclosing-day' and the round robin I was working on was not finished because I planned to work on that Friday on it. Poor Wilma had to wait till beginning of August to see her quilt.

I got my box when I came home from hospital. And since then I wanted to sandwich and handquilt it but as so often live came in the way.
Today I finally sandwiched it and it is waiting for the hoop. Like nearly all of my quilts I would like to handquilt it, but there are so many seems that it will be hard to decide how to quilt it. I will look on the quilt tomorrow and decide how to quilt it.

Bloglines seems to have huge problems with beta-bloggers. The new posts in the feed are nearly all 'old' bloggers. Do you also have this problems?


Nina In Norway said...

Hi, I just found your blog I really enjoy it, and I will be back for more. You are a fast knitter, nice socks.

Hedgehog said...

Beautiful round robin! Having trouble with some beta blogs, but not with others! It'll all sort itself out eventually I hope!

Onlyangelika said...

Hi Katja,
der RR sieht klasse aus. Dann mal ran ans quilten :-)
Liebe Grüße

Anonymous said...

Your RR looks beautiful ! Have a fun with the quilting !