Saturday, February 24, 2007

Progress with Four-Patches

I already cut the coloured patches for the four patch swap and I ordered some background fabrics. Every day during the week I made a little progress in cutting background fabric, starting piecing two patches together, iron them and piecing two two patches into four patche blocks. My baby daughter learnt how to crawl and now no space in our living room is secure from her. So I can't put the ironing board unattended and I only iron when she is not in the same room. Yesterday I finaly pieced all the blocks together and they are waiting to be ironed and then I will check whether the blocks have the correct size.

As I mentioned before my favorite local quiltshop closed and I find it very hard to order fabric online. Two times I ordered the wrong fabric because the picture shown on the screen was misleading.
There is one shop nearly 20 km from here, but they are not realy quilters. It is a big shop selling items for all kind of crafts. The quilts in display are made by a tailor and the assistants have no experience in quilting.
The owner of the shop I used to buy my quilting supplies is a quilter, she always had a helping hand, enough time for a chat, a steaming pot of coffee and some other customers with time for a spontaneous show and tell. What a difference.
You see I have to work on a solution for that issue.


Conni Lu said...

I like the 4-patch blocks and I do especially like the golds & yellows, they look so warm & cheery. Having no local quiltshop is no fun, I hope that you do find one somehow. Good luck.

teodo said...

You are right... when in a shop there is a quilter that speaks and helps it is better. I prefer little shops where .... I can buy, speak, laugh and meet other quilters. ciao ciao