Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Socks no 10 - third pair for the ark project

This is my tenth pair of socks I knitted since I've been counting on a list. I ordered the yarn online and saw a picture in a mail-order catalog. When I knitted the yarn the colours turned out a bit different. I finished them but I don't like them that much. So I decided to donate them to the ark project. The remaining yarn is enough to make a pair of socks and a hat for a preemie.

Don't be afraid that I don't have enough yarn for some socks for me. Nearly each time I visit the yarn shop I buy a skein and Angelika gave me one for my birthday. And maybe I just bought one a Handgefärbt. This weeks subject is 'Africa'.

Angelika's birthday was last week. I gave her a pieced sock roll where she can put all her knitting supplies she needs to take with her. Unfortunatly I forgot to take a picture, but you can see it on her blog.

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