Tuesday, January 15, 2008

knitted / felted slippers

During our last group meeting two or three members showed there knitted and felted slippers. Some were in bright colours and some were in quite colours and in different sizes.

The other day I had an appointment at the university hopital of Mainz and after that I had some time to shop. So I went to Wolle Rödel and bought the yarn. (It's called "wash+filz it" from Coats GmbH and it is new wool). Unfortunatly they didn't had the #8 dpns I need for that yarn. So I wandered around in some departmentstores but no one had these needles. My last hope was a big shop - Listmann. They sell nearly everything you need for doing handicrafts.
And - lucky me - they had a few sets of #8 dpns but they were completly run out of the yarn.

I read the hint to cast on with a different colour (you can see that single green thread at the beginning). When the slipper is finished you remove the thread and pick up the stitches with two dpns and than close the heel by using the kitchners stitch.

When you knit them regarding the pattern they will look pretty oversized.

So the heel of the slipper is flat and smooth.

(Sorry for the bad colours in that picture.)

At the end you just felt in the washing machine. They will shrink 30 to 40 %.

I showed the pair of slipper to a friend of mine and she ordered a pair for herself.


Tinchen-Morsezahn said...

I'm impressed! Wann machst Du das alles?! x;) Vor allem - so viele verschiedene Sachen. Toll!

gwen said...

Nice felt slippers there! I like the colours. I am having a knitting rush at the moment too. I don´t stop knitting socks. But with all the beautiful yarn around no wonder! Take care.

Angelika said...

Die sehen klasse aus :-)
Liebe Grüße