Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sewing class at adult education center

A while ago I wrote that I enrolled in a sewing class at the adult education center in the neighbour town. The class was finished beginning of December and I hope that there will be a new class starting mid-February.

The teacher is a dressmaker and we are 8 students. Three are sewing kids cloths for their own children, one is making mediaeval costumes and piecing only by hand. Three of us (including me) are sewing cloths for themselves. We also have one man. He is a dancer and he is sewing trousers for himself and dresses for his dancing partner. Most of the participants are at a beginners level and they never had worked with a sewing machine before.

My first project was a shirt made of net lace with an underskirt made from jersey. I needed five evenings to finish it. During the final ironing I managed to burn a whole in the left sleeve. Now I have to find a solution for that.

The second cloth was a new pair of trousers for my son. I found another camouflage fabric for him. Because the fabric was a bit thin I used some jersey fabric as a lining.

The third cloth was a quick jogging pant for my son.

The fourth cloth is a blouse for me. We altered the pattern and I didn't work along the instruction but the way the teatcher told me. But something got wrong. I better should have pieced the hem before I finish the placket.

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Endlich gibt es Fotos :-) Schöne Sachen hast Du genäht :-)
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