Friday, February 01, 2008

Review: January Goals

I have to admit that my January goals were very ambitious.
But I finished my granny's pair of socks, the trousers for my son and the felted boots for my SIL.
I didn't reach my other goals (finishing a blouse, finish the hat swap quilt top and work on a small ufo), but I nearly finished Ene's Scarf, which I've never expected.

I plan some things for February and I will list them above to get them out of my head.

1. Birthday present for my aunt til 9th of February.
2. MAYBE sew a dress for my daughter to wear at my aunt's birthday party.
3. Stitchery BOM
4. Make a AMC for the kids hospice like Bea's sons already made.
5. Make some star blogs for 11 year old Leon who had an accident and a friend of his family will piece him a star quilt to give him strength during his stay at the hospital and the surgery.

1 comment:

CONNIE W said...

You have a very busy life. I suppose we all miss our goals in some ways but then we have so many surprise blessings along the way.