Thursday, May 01, 2008

Finished: another dress for my daughter

Today we have a local holiday in Germany. So my husband stayed at home and entertained the kids. This gave me a day full of crafting and so I prolonged April and finished some things.

I pieced another dress for my daughter. I cut the pieces at my dress-making class and pieced it pretty quick. But the loop for the button made some problems and so it was an ufo till today.

  • Pattern: Octobre kids fashion 03/2007 pattern 15 in size 92
  • Fabric: Single-Jersey purchased at Stoffexport in Mörfelden
  • Changes: Because my daughter has a big head (physical and literally) I made a button on her left shoulder instead of close the seam.
I also pieced a new pair of summer trousers for my son. I involved him in the design and the look of the trouser to increase the change that he will wear it. I will show you a picture when it is finished.

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