Saturday, November 29, 2008

sewing x-mas presents

With x-mas approaching very fast I started sewing x-mas presents.
But at first I finished another pair of oven mittens. They were a birthday present for a cooking friend and I told her that unicums take a bit longer time then buying an indoor plant. Picture will follow.

I also finished a pair of serpentine mitts for another friend which birthday will be on Tuesday. That picture and project will have a post of it's own.
And I finished my daughters shawl. It was an easy knit two, purl 2 pattern.

Yesterday I started my SIL x-mas present. I'm not sure wether she reads here, so I can only show you the fabrics I choose. I bought that fabric roll a Barbaras Regenbogen.

I also visited my LQS yesterday (I haven't been there quite a long time, but I talked to the owner on a fair in early November). I bought some fabrics for some other x-mas presents.

I urgently need to show you the cloths I pieced. Hopefully the weather will be nice tomorrow that I have a nice light to take pictures of everything.

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