Monday, January 05, 2009


When I entered my tiny studio to work on my x-mas projects I found a lot of started, cut or halffinished objects. When I looked through my stash I found fabric that was bought for certain projects I never started.
When I look through all the pattern I printed from the internet I found a lot of things I would like to make.

I was not very happy with that situation. So first of all I pieced the morsebags for which the fabric was cut and the parts were even pinned.

So the next thing is, that I will organize my fabric. I already have everything sorted by color but all the newly bought fabrics are in different boxes. All the fabric I will find that I don't realy like anymore will be cut in stripes and I will make one of Bonnie's wonderful scrap quilts.
Then I will try to organize all the patterns I have.

I will continue to set goals for each month, but the goals must be set the way that they are reachable and more specific. I will start in January and see how I will come along with this.

My goals are:
  • finish knitting my Greenjeans cardigan
  • sew the curtain for the basement where I bought the fabric back in summer
  • stitch the last three blocks of Bea's BOM. (the embroidery floss is still missing, but I ordered new one)
  • piece a surprise gift I can not talk about yet
  • finish the top of the Hat-Swap, there are only a few strips for the attic window missing, but I have to work out which width I need on what side of the top first

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Bea said...

January must be the month of clearing up... :-)))
I have to do this, too!!!