Saturday, January 31, 2009

Greenjeans finished

Beginning of January I finished knitting my 'Greenjeans' cardigan.
I found the pattern on Knitty Fall 2007 (Greenjeans by Amy Swenson) and immediatly liked it. I used Gedifra Riana yarn and knitted with #4.5 und #5. I always have the problem when knitting stockinette stitch that it looks very irregular. Onlyangelika told me to purl with a smaler needle and so it looks more regular.

I also used the yarn for my Sherbrooke Crowl (ups, I never blocked about this), for a bucket hat (but I haven't decided yet whether I like it on my head) and a pair of Dashing.

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Angelika said...

Die sieht klasse aus ! Tolle Idee mit den zwei Knöpfen :-)