Tuesday, February 03, 2009

January review

As you may remember I started realy ambitious into 2009 but

  • I finished 'Greenjeans'
  • I sew the curtains for my basement living room (one curtain to separate my studio from the living room, one to separate the staircase from the living room and in addition curtains for the living room windows)
  • I stitched the last three blocks of Bea's BOM Quilters Blessings (and I even started to add the sashings)
  • I finished the hat swap top.
I also
  • finished a pair of superhero mittens
  • knit one preemie set (socks and hat)
  • piece one morsebag
  • knit one pair of socks for my granny
  • knit the last hat for 'Mütze voll Leben'.
I didn't finish the surprise gift but the due date has been postponed.

So I'm very proud that I archieved my goals but sometimes it was not realy fun. But I have to reduce my ufos and I will continue with setting goals, but not too many goals at one time.

In January I got three new crafting books
I went to the re-opening of my LQS Die Werkstatt and I was very brave - I only bought fabric and notions for projects I'm just working on.

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