Thursday, July 02, 2009

Batik dyeing

During my days of school batik dyeing was in vogue and we dyed some scarfs during this time. Beginning this year I saw some batik dyed shirts on several fashion blogs and in Burda magazine. I decided then that I need a batik session myself.

I bought a bottle oliv-green Simplicol dyes and a plain white t-shirt. I also had a turquoise tank which I bought with a set of two white tanks and turquoise is not realy my favorite colour.

I winded some cord on the white shirt on the front and on the back. I pieced rows of 3 cm with 6 mm stitch width on the sewing machine and smocked the seams on the turquoise one.

I mixed the dye in a bucket and soaked the cloths. Every 15 min I stired everything and after one hour in total I wrung it and washed it in my washing maschine.

When I first took it from the bucket I thought that it was dyed completly. But after the run in the washing maschine I could remove the cords and thread and I like the result. The seams thread of both shirts didn't took any dye so they are white respectivly turquoise.

I still have half of the dye and some other shirts who could get a redye.

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