Friday, September 25, 2009

long time - no see

I fell back in old behavior and started more things then I can finish. As I don't like to show ufos I show you nothing. I try to get a few things done and I try to take some pics of things I bought this month.

So, what happend in September so far?
  • Autumn arrived and we have chilly mornings and warm afternoons.
  • Sewing class has started two weeks ago and I sewed some cloths for the kids and traced an Ottobre jeans pattern for me. I will measure and cut it on Monday. I hope this will be THAT jeans pattern for the next years.
  • I started to stich a patch for Kinderlächeln.
  • I started to knit a Gilmore Vest for me.
  • I met with Heike of Heike's Schneiderprojekt for breakfast and a lot of creative talk. And it ended up with the idea to give the moebius scarf a try.
  • I still try to reduce my stash of sock yarn.
  • I enrolled for Knit'n'sip.
  • I tried to clean and organize my studio.
Keep your fingers crossed that there will be finishes soon that I can show you pics.

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