Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Coat finished

During autumn sewing class I started a coat made of felt.
With the help of my teacher I altered the pattern of my fleece shirt (Pattern company). The original pattern can be used as a shirt or a cardigan.

I added a lining made from pre-quilted fabric, but it is still a bit cold by low temperatures. I also added two outside pockets.
In principle it was an easy sewing because of the outside seams. One of my 'problems' was, that I bought buttons and made the buttonholes. A few days later I found this fantastic buttons. I didn't want to re-do the buttonholes and was not quite sure whether the buttonholes will fit. So the coat was hanging on the dressmaking model quite a time (and it was too cold outside to wear the coat). One day I decided to finish it and cut the buttonholes. Everything was fine til I realized that I pieced in two identical sleeves and I had to change it. After that it was a fast finish.

Felt, Stoff-Export Mörfelden, 21 Euro/meter
Lining, Stoff-Export Mörfelden, 7 Euro/meter


Heike said...

wow..wi ehat su des denn geschafft diese Knebelknöpfe dahin zu bekommen..bei mir gingen die dann nicht mehr durch das Knopfloch..
wie du liest bin ich wieder einigermaßen jedenfalls..zwischendurch heißt es jetzt sich um den Vater zu kümmern..wir schaffen das schon...liebe Grüße Heike

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

It is a beautiful coat - great idea to line it with quilted fabric. The buttons are just perfect! Cheers!