Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Social quilting activities

I also had a some social quilting activities beside my groupmeetings in March.

The first one was a one-day machine quilting class (one of my long-time goals is to improve my machine quilting - better said starting machine quilting). Gabi Schultz-Herzberger organized a private class with Brigitte Ehmann of Quiltstudio. It should have been an advanced class to teach how to quilt large quilts on our sewing machines. I got a special treatment as a beginner and quilted straigt lines in the ditch with a normal feet. In the afternoon I tried my first free motion quilting. It worked out much better than I thought but I know that I have to practice a lot before I start free motion on a nice top.

The second activity was to meet with Liz of Moments. I already had hand applique classes with Liz and met her on some Sternenquilter meetings. Someday she found my blog and we commented and mailed quite a while. We tried to meet several times but somebody at my house was ill.
Last Thuesday we managed to meet and we had a great time. Liz has a cozy home and a fantastic studio. Actually she lives only 20 minutes from here I will visit her again after easter break.

The third activity was to visit 'Handarbeit und Hobby' fair at Cologne. I went with Quiltinchen, her mother and a friend of the Quiltfriends forum. It was my first time visiting a retailer fair and it was quite interesting. We saw so many wonderful fabrics, nice yarns (brands I never heard of before), buttons, threads and notions.

And now I'm at my home, looking at my countless ufos and trying to decide which one to finish next.

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