Tuesday, July 11, 2006

To hot for quilting

I'm still working on the 'two sashings and the cornerstones on the way' scheme and it works out fine. But today it is so unbearable hot that I'm melting away under my quilt.
Maybe I should order another Elm Creek Novel - the last one I read was 'The Master Quilter'. Maybe I can think about it during the parents' association meeting tonight. The main subject is the annual feast for children and teens we have once a year in our village. (Is village correct with about 10.000 inhabitants?). All clubs and organisations offer food, drinks, music, games and other activities for the kids and it lasts a whole Sunday in September. The date it takes place is around the 'World kids day'. The parents of the kindergarten kids are asked to donate cakes that will be sold at that day. The money we earn will go back to the kindergarten to sell some toys when the kindergarten runs out of budget.

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