Friday, August 18, 2006

Groupmeeting 17 Aug 2006

Yesterday we had our regulary group meeting. We are meeting the first and third Thursday of a month for at least two hours. Sometimes we plan what we will do during the meeting, or we celebrate a member's birthday or we chat, look into new books and magazines, make a show and tell or ask for suggestions how to continue.
One of our members works in a nursing home and this home has it's fifth anniversary end of September and the motto is 'pumpkin'. The manager's wife is very fond of our quilts and the little things we piece so the manager asked our member whether we can present some quiltrelated things apart from quilts. So we will show some quilts and we pieced and finished a lot of pumpkins, corncobs and mushrooms for decoration and maybe for sale. Part of the benifit will be donated to a children's hospice.
Unfortunately I forgot my camera yesterday but I also have to piece some pumpkins (I didn't had an instruction) and I will take a picture later.
I'm missing the goal to quilt '5 sashings a day' because we had very busy this week. I have to go to the doctor with my baby-daughter for a routine check later on and it is my FIL's 70th birthday party at the weekend. But it will be a bit quiter next week.

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