Thursday, September 14, 2006

Quilts for Leukaemia

Clare, the Dordogne Quilter, plans to make quilts for people suffering Leukaemia.
I thought a bit about it and decided also to make some blocks for her.
19 years ago my mom died because of Leukaemia. She had had a donator for bone marrow, but she was to ill to get the transplantation. So she died after a 9 month of struggle at the age of 44.
Most of the donators are coming from the own family, but with the decrease of birth figures and the number of family members it is often very hard to find a suitable donator. In Germany there is a huge database where the blood informations are saved. My whole familiy is listed in this database and we often try to persue friends also to enlist. So, find out whether there is a database in your country and enlist.
Some people are afraid of becoming a donator, but the only risk is the anesthesia and no, the marrow will not be taken from the spinal marrow it will be taken from the pelvis.
My brother's SIL already donated bone marrow. She had to stay three days in hospital and she was a bit feeling ill after she awoke from the anesthesia. But no doubt she would do it again.

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