Wednesday, September 13, 2006

today at the LQS

Today I drove to my LQS which is 30 km away from here. It is a small shop and it will be closed down end of this year. It was very quite there today and we had some muffins and some coffee, show and tell and a lot of talk.

I bought various fabrics. The blue one is the binding fabric for the raffle quilt, the red and the white fabric are for some blocks for Clare of Dordogne Quilter, the green one and the one with the cobs is for my Debbie Mum wallhanging and the orange one for the pumpkins I have to piece for the nursary home anniversary.

This second stash of fabrics comes for a surprise bag I bought. The fabrics have difference widths. I already have a few of them but I like to open the bag (with a cup of coffee by my side) and look and feel the fabrics. The one with the hen on it cries to end up in potholders.


Hedgehog said...

Beautiful fabrics! Sorry that the shop is closing soon. So cool that you are making some red and white blocks for Clare!

Fiona said...

Beautiful fabrics, can't wait to see what you make from them.