Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Still knitting

I'm still knitting. After I finished my husbands socks I started a pair for my son. He wanted to have some 'nation coloured socks' because he associates this with soccer. He has been having some kind of soccer fever since the world cup in summer and the 'Wilde Kerle' books, movies etc. After I finished my son's socks I started a pair for myself.
I also found a yahoo-group of women knitting caps, socks, slipovers etc. for premature infants. So I used the 'leftovers' of my husbands socks and knitted some caps.

But I'm not the only one having the knitting bug. I also saw knitted things at Alena from Quilting in Prague, JudyL onSunshine Quilts, Inga from Quilting above the Arctic Circle.
Now I will have a cup of coffee and recap my October goals and think about my November goals.

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sidulrike said...

uuh - cool Germany socks, good job! Love the patriotic theme that´s been ever so present since the world cup :-D Since I work out at a Gym where Germans are definitely a minority I often wear my Germany socks and always have my Germany shower shoes for the sauna.. ha ha.. too bad I´m too blonde to knit socks :-D