Thursday, November 23, 2006

I did it too - I switched to beta and new blogger

Today - after I read May Britt's post how easy it works - I switched to beta -blogger. In fact it was very easy and I did some rearragements. The next thing I would like to try is to put some pics into the headerline. I hope Bloglines doen't go crazy after the change like it does with other blogs.

I mentioned before that I'm trying to talk my friend Angelika into blogging and finally I succeded. She started blogging last Saturday and she is doing this in three languages: german, danish and english. She is at the beginning with blogger but she is a pro in piecing and knitting. Visit her on Angelika's quilts.

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Clare said...

How didyou do it? Hedgehog said you have to wait for Blogger to tell you they are ready for you. Or did you just open up a new account and transfer it over?