Monday, March 26, 2007

Preemie Sets and new yarn

Today I finished another set of preemie socks and tomorrow I will mail them to a lady who is in contact with one of the hospitals which are getting handknitted items of the yahoo-group.

We spent the weekend at my inlaws. There was a spring market which was organized by the local retailers. They also offer yarn and I couldn't resist buying two skeins from Regia.

Theodo (from appunti patch) left a comment asking whether I prefer patchwork or knit. Normally I prefer patchwork. I used to knit a lot in my younger days but I often had some pain in my right arm due to to much tennis in my youth. But in winter I often knitted socks because they make so wonderful x-mas presents. Since I have kids and walk a lot in fresh air I prefer handknitted socks instead of nylons. I realized that I can knit more than usual. I saw some nice projects on the net and get hooked. It is so nice and easy to sit on the sofa knitting while the kids are playing. When I want to sew I need to bring my maschine on the dining room table and watch out that my kids don't play on it.
But I promise I will blog more about patchwork. I organized a quilting class with Bernadette Mayr which will take place mid-April. And for sure I will post some pics of it.

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Conni Lu said...

Those little preemie socks are so sweet and will keep those little tiny feet warm. I'm a piecer/quilter who wants to learn to knit. I have had a lesson but I'm not doing so well. It's the casting on that gives me problems so I'm seeing my friend to see what I'm doing/or/not doing that is incorrect. Seems like most quilt/bloggers also knit and I don't want to be left out!