Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Handdyed yarn

I saw at Anne-Merit's blog that she handdyed sock yarn with egg-colours. I was so fascinated by the idea to dye my yarn myself and Angelika was also interessed. So we both bought some yarn online (I choosed Handgefaerbt and Angelika ewas-sockenwolle). We decided to dye the day after Amelie's baptism. I mixed five different colours and dyed small parts of the yarn. And I tried to avoid that the same colours are side by side. From the light colour I needed more liquid colour to dye and the dark colours were lasting longer.

The yarn is still wet from the colours

The yarn needed to be fixed in the oven for one hour (you can do it in the microwave of a few minutes as well, but we don't use one). Then you can wash the yarn and dry it again. I was very impatient and wanted to knit as soon as possible.

Angelika splitted the yarn in four areas and used one colour after the other. The result were small strips.

In the meantime I also saw handdyed yarn by using Kool Aid. I have two skeins left and I will try this as well. After my succesful dying I bought a lot of egg-colours for more dyeings.


Connie said...

What a gorgeous skein of yarn. I love the way it looks.

Stacie said...

The skein is lovely and is knitting up so well! I too purchased lots of egg dye to try dyeing sock yarn. I need to get some yarn and start.

Anne-Mette said...

Katja, deine Wolle ist super toll geworden :-)
LG Anne-Mette

QuiltingFitzy said...

Now that Easter has come and gone, and the liklyhood of me finding "egg colors" is you think this would be the same as "food color" here in the US?

I use food color to dye my eggs, so I'm curious.

I went and ordered 2 skeins of sock wool to dye, I'm patiently awaiting their delivery.

It's ALL YOUR FAULT, lol...I love your results!

muoriska said...

Just love to see hand dyed yarn..
Got my bugs bite last year spring, and that was it.. have tried lemonade ( works fine), food colors, silk colors and even candies and lingonberry.

Nowadays is the problem to by yarn to dye for and.. lack of hours to knit them :)

Lorenza said...

Katja, your wool is beautiful, I would like to try too, I have some egg colours, now I'll look for the wool. if I'll need help can I ask to you?