Saturday, September 01, 2007

Trousers for my son

Short before we left for our summer holiday in May I pieced a pair of trousers for my son.
I don't realy like the camouflage fabric but my son loves it and it hides dirt very good.

Now he has been wearing this pair of trousers nearly every day except the pretty hot ones and when the trouser was in the washing maschine or on the clothesline.
This summer in Germany consists on a few very hot days but the other days were not that bright. Now autumn appears and the mornings are already wet and fresh. Time of some long-legged trousers. But all the demin trousers are not good enough for the six-year-old king. So I bought another meter of the camouflage fabric and started piecing a long-legged one.

To improve my skills in piecing cloths I enrolled for a course at the adult education center which will start mid-September.

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