Friday, August 24, 2007

Hat Swap Quilt

I should work at the Sail Away Quilt because our exhibition date in November is the latest deadline for this project. But I'm a bit frustrated. I wanted to applique the ships with the buttonwhole stitch my machine provided. I also made the paper for machine applique on the backside of the fabric but my machine has some problems with the big amount of seams. So I put the quilt away and digged out my hat swap blocks.

The swap was in 2004 where I was at the very beginning of patchworking. The subject was to make hat blocks. The problem was that I couldn't find any patterns on the web and in my books - beside sun bonnet sue hats and I don't like them that much. Jennifer – a quilter from Salt Lake who spent a year with her family in my area – designed a head on EQ5 for me. The only other thing that came in my mind was a crown. The blocks were accepted by the swap mom and I got back a lot of beautiful blocks. Appliquè a hat and add some embroidery never came into my mind.

The blocks were sitting in a box since then. Sometimes I picked them out and looked at them. Now I picked them out to make a quilt out of them. I decided to frame them with attic windows and sashing that the quilt look like a huge wardrobe of hats.
The last days I cutted the stripes for the attic window and sewed them on the blocks. Next thing will be the layout.


Angelika said...

Applikationen sind auch nicht gerade das, woran man denkt, wenn man gerade mit Patchwork angefangen hat. Das wäre mir ganz sicher genauso gegangen ;-)
Schön ,dass die Blöcke nun ans Tageslicht gekommen sind !
Liebe Grüße

Annelies said...

How wonderful to look at all these hat blocks. Which reminds me that I also have some swapblocks ( stars) somewhere.