Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Has this ever happend to you?

During the last group meeting the lady who is in charge for the 'name tags' of our quilts asked us to write down the names and the used techniques of the quilts we will have in the show.

First I started to write them down but then I realized that I don't know exactly what I will show. Some of them were made back in 2005 and I didn't remember whether they were hand- or machinequilted. So I decided to have a look on everything at home and write it down afterwards.

Most of the quilts I don't hang in the house are stored in the wardrobe. I took everything out but three wandquilts were missing.

I was looking for them in every shelf and every box of my little studio. I went into the attic and searched in the other boxes which are stored there. Nothing. I began to panic. Then I sat down and tried to think hard and keep calm.

And then I had a brainwave. There was one box with various quilted goods that gave me the show owner of my favorite quilt shop before she closed her shop. She gave it to me because we planned to raffle a quilt to earn money for the kindergarten, but we didn't find a good opportunity for this to get a realy large amount of money. And on the bottom of this box were the three missing quilts lying.

And you can't imagine (when you are a quilter quite a long time, I bet you can) how many started but unfinished objects, not yet started projects with pattern and fabrics or patterns of things I would like to start I found. And I found a lot of dress material. That will last for several kids trousers.
First of all I made some lists (I love to make lists) and after the quilt show I will think about what I will finish first.


Violette said...

I lose quilts and on-going projects all the time. I guess all quilters have this problem.

Angelika said...

Na klar kenne ich das :-) Aber die Wiedersehensfreude ist dann um so größer !
Liebe Grüße