Thursday, November 08, 2007

Quilt show

The quilt show is over and I caught a cold after the show, but I'm feeling better now. It's a pity, but I can't show you pictures, because I was so busy during the show. (One member of the group took a lot of pictures and I will show you some of the pictures in a future post).

We had a lot of visitors and the comments on our guestbook are always positive. Okay, I don't think that anyone would leave a negative comment. We sold some handmade goods and we raffeled a quilt.

On Saturday I have been working in our 'coffee shop' for nearly four hours while the others were working at the cashiers desk or talking to friends. We invited a lot of quilting friends from other groups and guilds and a lot came. I also invited Quiltinchen from blogland and she came with her mother and her mother's neighbour. (thanks for the nice comment in our guestbook).
Only one of my friends made it on Saturday but a lot of friends came on Sunday. So I showed them around, drank a lot of coffee and sparkling wine and had a lot of lovely chats.

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Tinchen-Morsezahn said...

Hallo Katja,

Eure Ausstellung war echt klasse! Ich warte schon gespannt auf die nächste! So schöne Wallhangings, Quilts, Kleinigkeiten..... Mein Elch hat leider noch nicht den passenden Platz gefunden.

Ich hoffe auf ein baldiges Wiedersehen!

Liebe Grüße