Saturday, December 15, 2007

New books

I would like to show you my three new crafting books.

  • First of all the new Tilda book Tildas Julehus by Tone Finnanger. I know that my overseas readers hardly know the Tilda books. They are very popular in Germany and you can also buy the original fabrics for the projects shown in her books. Each member of my quilt group gets her own copy of the book as a 'recognition' for our great show we had in November.
  • I borrowed the Scarf style book from Angelika and we both would like the knit Ene's scarf from the book. I decided that I need my own copy and bought it used at Amazon.
  • The same Amazon dealer also offered wrap style and I decided that I need this as well.
The childrens book and the little hand you see on the right sight of the picture are belonging to my little daughter, who decided that her book also belongs on the picture.

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