Saturday, December 15, 2007

X-mas presents

Last week I pieced some fabric tea light holders for a friend of mine.

After long thinking about the x-mas present I will send Angelika, I had a brilliant idea I can't tell you know. I ordered some fabric online. Firsthand I need the fabric for the x-mas dress for my little daughter but the supplier of the online-shop has some delivery problems. So I had to think about some other design, because the parcel has to travel a long way through half of Germany and I would like to mail it on Monday.

I bought some fabric at my LQS last Saturday. It was the fabric for Angelika's gift and for some x-mas decorations I plan to sew. I put the fabric for the gift away that I can start to piece asap. On Thursday I pieced a prototype. On Friday I had two hours time to piece and ... the fabric was gone. I searched everywhere around my studio, the living room, the dining room, but it was gone. I decided to clean my studio and maybe find it somewhere under the piles of paper. It remained gone.

I wrote Angelika and reported about the missing fabric. She told me to continue living my live and I will find it totally unexpected. And she was right (what else?).

This morning I was putting some cloths in my daughter's wardrobe and there the fabric was smilling at me. At the beginning of the week I ironed some shirts and put them into the wardrobe. Assumedly the fabric was lying under the cloths and ended up in the wardrobe.

Gone piecing.


Angelika said...

Sag ich doch - alles findet sich wieder an ;-)) Eine Freundin hat einen Mappe mit PW-Mustern mal nach einem Vierteljahr auf dem Boden einer Legokiste gefunden ;-))
Deine Kerzenhalter sind total klasse ! Und was mein Weihnachtsgeschenk angeht : gib doch mal einen Tipp :-)
Liebe Grüße

teodo said...

HAPPY 2008 - FELICE 2008

ciao ciao