Monday, March 03, 2008

Goals: February review and March preview

In February I spent a lot of crafty time and less household time. But what did I learn in one of the sayings MayBritt has on her blog:

the dictionary is the only place where household comes before quilting.
How true ;-)

  • I also started the dress for my daughter and it is nearly finished. There is a pieced slip knot missing but I will finish it during today's sewing class. So my daughter can wear it at the Easter holidays.
  • I also made one star block for Leon's quilt. You can see a picture of the finished quilt here.
  • Then I started the green vest and finished the back. The front is half-finished.

  • I pieced the top for my nephew's baby quilt. The borders are still missing, but when I decided to go to the quilt shop on Friday evening, my car was broken. One of my kids switched on passenger compartment lighting on Thursday afternoon and it was lit til the battery went empty. I hope I can go to the quilt shop tomorrow or at least at Wednesday.
  • I also started to piece a tunic at the sewing class. I hope that I can finish it today. The lady from the drapery called while I was writing this post: my dress form arrived and is waiting for me. Maybe I can pick it up tomorrow.
  • When I have picked up the dress form I will finish the blouse. The hem must be fixed and I think it will be easier when I'm having the blouse on the dress form.
  • I also finished Ene. I will send it to Angelika and she will stretch it for me. I will show you a picture afterwards. Here you can find a picture of Angelika's Ene.

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