Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Blouse finished

Does this ring a bell ? You started a project and it is nearly finished and before it is finished you are hooked by another project and - pling - you have another ufo.

May I introduce the blouse I sewed at the sewing class end of last year. It needed a hem and it needed five buttons, but it took ages til it was finished. At the moment it is too cold to wear it - so why hurry? There are so many beautiful projects out there.

The pattern is 'neue mode *stil*' #J22840 pattern B. You can look at the cover of the pattern at Sulivans. Because of my beautiful hips I added additional plackets at the side seams. The fabric is cotton.

I should take another picture where I'm wearing the blouse so that you can better see the sleeves and the length. But for today the picture must do.

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Angelika said...

Sieht aus, wie gekauft :-)
Liebe Grüße