Monday, June 02, 2008

Goals: May review

Due to our holiday I only knitted one pair of socks which is worth a post of it's own.
So all of my May goals are also valid for June.

I finished my tax return in time. And this would be the right moment to start over crafting again


my daughter brought a nice souvenir from Menorca: chicken pox. We were at the hospital on Saturday to confirm our diagonsis and get some medicine. So instead of crafting I'm dealing with a whining and crying daughter cluthing at my legs. In the background I had the noise of the craftsmen changing our windows. And all of this after a night with little sleep because of a complaining child.

Our town has a big medieval children's party next Saturday - organized by the teachers of the four nursery schools and the parents' associations. Because I'm the head of the parents' association of my son's nursery school, I'm in charge for organizing the beverages. When the party is over and everything is tidied up, I will sit on my sofa, have a beer and watch the opening match of the European Football/Soccer Championship.

And my calender has uncountable pages of white paper after that date. And then I will be back on track with my crafting...

Till then I will look at all yours blogs and get new ideas.

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