Friday, June 06, 2008

Socks no 27 - Unst

I won some auctions of Fauveline yarn on ebay. When I bet on the auctions I didn't realize that the yarn constists of single strands and is not twisted. The colours are beautiful, but I set them aside to wait for a fitting project.

Then I read a post of Tini's World of Fibre Arts. She used a similar kind of yarn and used a Nancy Bush pattern. So I digged out 'Knitting on the road' and chosed the Unst pattern.

I had to pay a lot of attention on my knitting with that the pattern and I often had difficulties to see on which row I'm actually knitting. I often knit while the kids are playing and often I have to interup knitting and settle a fight and I lost trace. So next time I have to knit when the kids are sleeping.

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Kaffeetante64 said...


na aus den Fauveline-Knäulen lassen sich gut Sommersöckchen/Sneakers stricken..und aus dem roten ahorn stricke ich zur Zeit einen Swal.

LG Michaela