Friday, September 12, 2008

on the knitting side

I've been a bad blogger lately but I have two major 'changes' in my family. My son has been starting school beginning of August and my daughter has been attending nursery school two time a week. This events are mixing up my timetable a bit.

I started to knit a pair of Nutkin socks. The patterns is easy to memorize, but I don't understand the heel and the toes. After three unsuccesful attempts I returned to my usual heel and toes knitting.

Beside this I went to my local yarn shop and bought some new stuff.
Two skeins of Regia Softy. I will knit a pair of socks for a dear friend. The yarn is needle size #3 to #4. You'll find the details on the Regia homepage.

And I bought one skein of Gedifra fashion trend surprise. I plan to knit a winter hat of Marcia Grace Designs for my daughter. But I'm not quite sure whether one skein is enough. Otherwise I have to go back to the yarn store ...


gwen said...

stash enhancement, great! Could it be that red is a favorite of yours?
The socks look very nice. Take care.

Hedgehog said...

Lovely socks. I saw these on your blog today and totally fell into the black hole of the internet and ended up joining Ravelry! Not sure if I should thank you or curse you!