Wednesday, October 01, 2008

on the knitting side ... again

When I wrote my last post I planned to update you also on stitching and dress making. But my computer caught a virus and went down for a while. Now the most important parts are fixed and I hope the remaining parts will be fixed over the weekend.

So I will update you on knitting first.

I knitted a pair of socks for a dear friend as a very belated birthday present. Because she can't wear handknitted socks with her business cloths I knitted 'relaxing' socks which she can wear while reading a book or watching a movie. I choose 'Regia softy' which will be knitted with #3 dpn needles. The yarn knits very smooth, but I had to knots in one of the skeins.

One of the items of my list with '100 to-do items' was to knit a pair of socks from my stash. It was my husband's turn and now he owns a pair of socks made of Regia Avenue colors. I once won an ebay-auction with five skeins of Regia Avenue colors in diffrent colors.

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