Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My first Morsbag

Ups, I didn't blog quite a long time...

There was a lot of crafting going on since my last post and I will try to blog everything I did.

On the german yahoo-group Quiltsterne was a link to Morsbags. I wanted to learn what is behind this idea and get stuck. The next day I saw a dear friend with a plastic bag coming from the local supermarket and I decided that she will receive my first Morsbag. In the meantime I opened my own pod and ordered some labels.

Before I started patchwork and quilting I had the idea that I can use whatever fabric I want to make a quilt. So I bought some bags with reduced furnishing fabrics. Last Saturday I moved the box with these fabrics from the basement to my studio and started the first bag.


Angelika said...

Siehste, irgendwann kommen die Stoffberge zum Einsatz. Der Beutel sieht klasse aus !

Josie said...

Hi, I also make Morsbags