Sunday, October 26, 2008

Peek-a-boo mittens finished

Each day I take my bike and drive the primary school to pick up my son. On two days a week we have to walk home, because there is no school bus available at this time. I have a low blood pressure and I have freezing hands very easily.
So I needed a pair of mittens and came across the Peek-a-boo mittens. They are a very good choice for me because I can 'free' my fingers easyly without removing the mittens.

The pattern is designed by Pensive frog and available on ravelry for free.


Quiltgirlie said...

Solche Fäustlinge habe ich mir auch vor langer Zeit mal gestrickt, weil sie auch bei Einkaufen so praktisch sind. Man kann die Handschuhe anlassen und trotzdem das Kleingeld greifen.
LG, Britta

Heike said...

Die sehen echt sehr praktisch und trotzdem warm aus...lG HEike
wie schaut´s mit der Kreativa???