Sunday, June 14, 2009

Knit in public 2009

I thought about going to a 'Knit in Public' event near my home but I decide otherwise. I had to go to the LQS to buy some fabric I need for the current round robin I have to finish til Thursday because we will pass on the boxes. So I went to Die Werkstatt at Weiterstadt (near Darmstadt) and bought some fabric, thread, pins and a new quilting template. I plan to start quilting the 'Quilter's Blessing' quilt soon and I wanted to have a different template.

I made some 'Knit in Public' on my own sitting on my front patio and continued knitting on my Basalt Tank. Yes, you are right, first I should finish my Bonsai Tunic. At the moment I'm at the point where I have to pick up stiches for the armhole blend and I need some me-time to make fit at once. Tomorrow and on Tuesday the ladies of the nursery school are on strike so maybe it will take til Wednesday til I can cast on the stitches.

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Angelika said...

Das sieht ja schon sehr vielversprechend aus :-)