Sunday, June 07, 2009

Sock yarn stash report

I started my stash with 2100 g beginning of May.
I knitted a pair of socks for my aunt (picture comes when she picked them up) and one preemie set. Then I cleared my sewing table and found three leftovers waiting to become a preemie set.
So I was back to 2100 g.

I discussed sock patterns designed by Stephanie van der Linden with Onlyangelika and she remarked that she has not enough plain sock yarn for one of her favorite patterns of 'Socken aus aller Welt' . So put 1 skein of light gray Regia sock yarn into the package that waits to be send to northern Germany.

So I end up with 2000 g end of May.

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Angelika said...

...und ich denke angestrengt darüber nach, ob diese 100 Gr mich zurückwerfen, oder ob ich mir Sonderpunkte genehmige, weil ich mich so selbstlos anbiete, Deinen Stash auch noch abzuarbeiten ;-))