Tuesday, August 04, 2009


My (nearly 8 year old) son was invited to a birthday party by a girl from his school. When we asked for her wishes she told us that she collects a certain type of horses made of plastic (made by Schleich). To avoid to give her one of the collection she already has we decided to give her a gift coupon.
Because I don't like to give money or coupons for birthdays I decided that I will make her a fabric horse (she is really a special girl from school).

The design was made by I. Chauvin for Stoffquadrat. They have a lot of different types of animals to offer, klick here.

I really like the way the horse looks, but my son denied that this looks like a horse. So he gave her the gift coupon and I gave her the horse.

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Angelika said...

Das ist doch ganz eindeutig ein Pferd :-)