Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fleece shirt

It's been a while but I had a stomach bug again.

After a few days of 'fall weather' we had 'spring weather' with a bit of sun today. After baking x-mas cookies with my son's class at school I took the dress form to my patio and took some pictures of my recently finished projects.

First I show you a fleece shirt. A few weeks ago I picked up my machine at the local shop after repair. While I was there I got the second introduction for my serger. We were talking about the 'perfect jeans pattern' I'm still searching for. The lady from the shop recommended the 5-pocket-jeans pattern of Pattern Company and she had one jeans in my size for display. I tried it on and it fitted perfectly. Beside the jeans she also had a fleece cardigan which I liked. So I ordered both pattern.

First I tried the shirt. In opposite to other pattern sold in Germany the seam allowances are already included. The pattern are printed very clear with a lot of marks and it was a really fast and easy work. Currently I'm working on a short coat made of woollen material.

Front part
Back part

Pattern company 06-222, fleece, 6 Euro/m, Stoff-Export Mörfelden

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Angelika said...

Das sieht ja klasse aus ! Ich liebe die Schnitte von Pattern Company.
Liebe Grüße