Monday, November 09, 2009

pink girl trousers

Sometime in spring I was cutting pink fabric for a new pair of trousers for my daughter. The weather changed to summer and there was no need for a long-legged trouser and it ended up in my ufo stash.
Autumn appeared and in the meantime my daughter grew a lot.
So I add some of the inner pocket fabric and now it fits.

Guess what is her currently favourite colour ;-)

The pattern is the well known Burda pattern #9793. The fabric was living in my stash for a long time. When I started making trouser for my son I bought a surprise package which contained three different fabrics for trousers and they sent me pink, burgundy and yellow - not my son's favourite colours...


Angelika said...

Die ist ja cool ! Ihre Lieblingsfarbe ? Hm... lass mich raten, das isz nicht ganz einfach : pink ?
Gutes Kind :-))

Liz Schaffner said...

Katja, your little girl is adorable!!
and in my favourite colour !
Pretty in Pink!
Hugs, Liz