Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Mid-October we planned to visit my inlaws and my husband was participating in a public fun run there. Most of the time the temperatures in the Swabian montains are lower than in the Rhine-Main-Area.
Here I rarely wear a wolly hat but when I'm standing at the finish line in the cold air I needed a wolly hat.

I choose a pattern I found in Ravelry : a slough for all seasons by Melissa LeBarre. In my stash I found some Gedifra Riana - a left over of my Greenjeans and the Sherbroke.
I started knitting on Thursday and finished the slough in the car on the way to my inlaws.

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Tinchen-Morsezahn said...

Toll! Hält bestimmt unheimlich warm!

Wenn ich nur besser stricken könnte.... ;)