Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Knit'n'sip 6

I participated in Knit'n'sip 6 for the first time.

My pal that gets my parcel doesn't have a blog so I had to sent her several (anonymous) messages to get a better idea what she likes. She blogged about the parcel on the knit'n'sip blog here.

And this is the content of the parcel I got:

  • a skein green Lacotta Wool
  • a pattern for wrist warmers with cable and thumb
  • Roibush-Tea
  • three different types of fruit infusion
  • coloured sugar
  • a chocolate bar
  • a tool that helps to find out the needle size of a knitting needle (I even don't know the german word for it) (I mean the black square with the wholes in it)
  • a stuffed lion
  • and a greeting card.
Sabine, thanks again for the lovely parcel. And now I will have a cup of tea...

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