Friday, December 18, 2009

How I tried to clean my studio

Two weeks ago I met Heike and gave her a pile of hearts for the heartpillow project. We met in Mainz and I had to carry a few things for her. I also wanted to give her some fabric for more hearts. I looked in my box with decoration fabric and found some and I decided to piece a Morsbag for Heike.

Last week I started to clean my studio and the adjoining room, where the x-mas-tree should be.
I found left over fabric from the Morsbag, went to my machine and pieced another two bags from that fabric. Next I decided to clear a box sitting on the floor. The box contained blue fabric stripes in different sizes - lengthwise and widthwise - of a long closed project from a member of my group. I decided to piece them together, look for a accompaining fabric and pieced another seven heartpillows. Next I found parts belonging to a purse, only one part war missing. I cut the part and pieced the purse.

It was a good feeling to have a few finishes, but needless to say that the cleaning doesn't make much progress...

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Cloth Diapers said...

Your cleaning goes a lot like my cleaning, LOL!