Friday, October 13, 2006

Potholders and 'Sleeping Beauty'

In my sewing area (dining room table) is a large pile of kid's cloths that need a repair. So I better should handle that and after that reward myself with fun sewing.
One of my October goals is to piece potholders which will be on sale at our show next autumn. A big problem is to use patterns from books or bought patterns. They often use the term: For personal use only - no commercial use. We won't get rich with the sale of pieced potholders and the earnings my will be donated to charity but copyright violation is nothing to make fun of.
First of all I tried a pattern I liked from Sulky-International. They are country-style potholders with an appliqued heart on it. The heart is ironed with vliesofix and than appliequed with a buttonhole stich. Unfortunatly my maschine doesn't have a buttonhole stitch and I'm not sure how long the heart will be on the potholder when stiched by hand.
After that I decided to piece some very easy potholders with a nice pumpkin fabric from Timeless Treasures.

My son is busy playing outside in the garden. After terrible rain in the morning we now have a sunny autumn afternoon. And my daughter is playing 'Sleeping Beauty' ;-)


Bea said...

... a lovely sweet prinzess!

Angie said...

Cute, cute potholders!! I especially like that pumpkin fabric! :D and your baby is precious!!!

JudyL said...

I like the plain one without the applique better! Your baby is adorable! I'd love to kiss those cheeks!

Judy L.

Cynthia said...

what a gorgeous little girl.

By the way, i like your Happy Harvest quilt.

Marcie said...

Looks like none of us can resist your baby! You have made lots of cute things, but she is the best!

sidulrike said...

See, I finally made it over here :-D
Your little angel is way too cute!!!!

Pam's Creative Mind said...

Your daughter is a beautiful sleeping beauty!