Saturday, February 10, 2007

Four patch swap

I'm the woman that claimed that one of the 2007 goals is not to take part in a swap. I already resisted the siggy swap organized by Cynthia the Aussie Quilter, because the time frame was a bit tight. First I had no cream fabric, second piecing and signing 40 blocks and mail them so that they arrive til beginning of March was out of question.

Then I read about 'Happy Scrappy Four Patch Swap' organized within the german Yahoo! group Quiltswaps. The sign in date is the 1st of March and the delivery date is the 31st of March. That gives me a lot of time to prepare the blocks, tell the swapmom on the 1st of March how many sets I will make and send them in time. I have a big container with 2,5 inch squares and strips so I cut a lot the last days. I already laid them, now I have to cut the cream and white squares and can start piecing.

Here you can see a pic of the squares. I have enough to make ten sets (the maximum number at the moment). I plan to make big quilt so I will need a lot more, but maybe we will have some more participants and the number of sets will increase.

Does anyone of you have made a four-patch quilt and has pictures to share. I'm very curious what they look like.

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Kathleen said...

HI Katja,
Thanks for the comment. i just had a look at your blog its great. I am surrounded by sock knitters, I think I will have to give it a go. I am allready addicted to the blogging i think, i wanted to do a post with a photo of my wool stash, but was too exhausted to bring it down stairs, \i hope to do some patching posts, but like ourself still working on my fabric stash