Saturday, February 10, 2007

I've got (snail)mail

When Clare the Dordogne Quilter asked the first time for blocks for her charity project Quilts4Leukaemia I sent her four blocks. She asked wether I would like to have a bag in return. I already have lots of bags - pieced and bought - I denied, but I asked her to surprise me with a postcard when she will visit the UK.

When Clare spent her x-mas holidays in the UK she forgot to take my home adress with her, so she sent me the postcard from France. I arrived last week but I forgot to post it here.
Clare, many, many thanks for the Canterbury postcard.

It reminds me of a wonderful holiday in South England in 2000. We started in Canterbury (our first B&B was Ashford Guest House owned by Sandy Noel, the daughter of the fotograph that accompanied the Mount Everest Crew of George Mallory and Andrew Irvine) and enjoyed this holiday in various B&B's, having breakfast with so many different interesting people and visiting a lot of beautiful places, having cream teas in the afternoon and enjoying delicious pub food in the evening.

BTW: The pink socks are the second pair of socks that I knit for the ark project.

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Clare said...

Hi Katja it was a pleasure. Did you stay anywhere else in the Kent area? My Mum used to run a B&B between Ashford and Canterbury so you might have stayed with her?