Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Oven mittens

Till now I used oven mittens we bought many years ago. In the meanwhile they were very rotton and caused some burnings. So I needed some new mittens. There is a nice pattern in the danish book that Angelika gave me last x-mas.
I also had some wonderful fabric that I bought at a patchwork fair long time ago. Before we had kids we spent many holidays at Italy, because we love the country, the people, the food and wine and the language. And so I was no wonder that I felt in love with this fabric when I saw it. It was hidden in a drawer and waited for the appropiate project.
I only looked at the drawings in the book and asked Angelika a few question, but there were no major problems working with a book where I have not the slightest clue about the language.
The mittens are batted with 'Thermolan', but the next pair of mittens will have two layers of Thermolan, because I'm not able to hold a hot dish very long.


Connie W said...

They look great! I also love Italian food and wine and would love to visit the country.

Angelika said...

Siehst Du, dänisch ist nicht schwerer als japanisch :-) Die Ofenhandschuhe sehen klasse aus. Vielleicht solltest Du statt zwei Lagen Thermolan, nächstes Mal lieber das Vlies mit der Aluseite nehmen ?
Liebe Grüße

Heike said...

Vlies mit Aluseite...wo gibts denn sowas ..und ist dann noch waschbar???
gruß Heike