Saturday, December 29, 2007


Few months ago I bought some stichmarker at a Dawanda-Shop (I think you can compare it with etsy). I wanted to take a picture and show them to you when they disappeared. I was searching them very hard and I found everything: the envelope, the businesscard of the vendor sew-mad and the small greeting card.

I wrote this to my friend Angelika and when she sent my son a birthday present she also sent me some stichmarker. The same day – which was some kind of logical – I found the ones I bought again. There is a box with 'has to be returned to the fabrics stashes' fabric under my desk and the markers felt into that box.

In the meanwhile I made some stichmarkers on my own. And now I have the perfect project for using the stichmarkers: Ene's Scarf (you can see a picture here) from Scarf Style.

Angelika gave me the yarn as my x-mas present and now I will cast on 375 stitches. I will show you the presents her and my presents tomorrow.

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Simonetta said...

Hi Katja, have a great New Year, rich of joy,peace,love and serenity!Hugs